What Is HHC In Camp Hill?

HHC Near Me Camp Hill

HHC is an exciting new cannabinoid from hemp plants that produces a very similar high as THC products but it has no THC in it.

HHC is not a type of THC like Delta 8 or Delta 9, which means all forms of HHC are currently legal on the federal level due to the passage of the Farm Bill and will most likely remain legal in all 50 states as well.

HHC is different from other cannabinoids on the market. It’s actually not a THC compound at all, but it can give you a THC-like experience.

HHC stands for Hexahydrocannabinol, which is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the seeds and pollen of industrial hemp.

HHC occurs naturally in hemp and marijuana plants in small concentrations, so HHC products are made in a laboratory using the process of hydrogenation, which is how margarine is made from vegetable oil.

HHC is a specialty cannabinoid first documented by Roger Adams, a chemist, who is also recognized for discovering Cannabidiol (CBD) in the 1940s. 

Following controversial debates about its use in the Edgewood Arsenal Human Experiments conducted by the US Army Chemical Corps in 1947, HHC was rediscovered in the year 2000 by researchers, including J W Huffman, in their paper, Synthesis and pharmacology of a hybrid cannabinoid, which stated:
“The hybrid cannabinoid had affinity for the CB1 receptor approximately equal to that of delta8-THC (Ki = 19.3+/-3 nM), and shows comparable potency in vivo.”

HHC was extracted from the plant for the first time in 2020 by the de Las Heras Group, which discovered 16 new cannabinoids. So today, we know HHC binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body and is a potent cannabinoid that is now for sale at local CBD stores.

What Are The Effects of HHC?

Customers say HHC provides a boost of energy, focus, euphoric feelings, confidence, body soothing vibes and psychoactive experience without the potential THC side effects, such as hangovers, anxiety or paranoia.

HHC is about 70% as powerful than Delta 9 THC but more but more potent than Delta 8 THC. The effects tend to be similar with Delta 8 THC, which is to say, they lean more toward relaxation and relief than stimulation. And users report not being as cognitively impaired when using HHC compared to when they use Delta 9 THC.

And the shelf life of HHC is increased due to the saturation of the molecule with hydrogen atoms, which extends its shelf life considerably without affecting the effect profile much. 

HHC vs. Delta 9 THC

HHC has almost identical effects as THC. It produces feelings of euphoria and stimulation, altered visual and auditory perception, changes in heart rate and body temperature, and altered headspace and cognition. Many users report the effects of HHC are similar to that of Delta 8 THC, but more potent and about 30% less potent than Delta 9 THC.

HHC is still very new, so there aren’t many studies available to evaluate its potential therapeutic effects — but so far, it seems this cannabinoid offers most of the same therapeutic effect profile as other forms of THC.

Frequently Asked Questions About HHC

Is HHC legal in the United States?

Yes, HHC is legal in all 50 states, due to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill which protects hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as hexahydrocannabinol (HHC).

Is HHC Safe?

There’s no evidence that suggest HHC is harmful to the body. Since there has never been any safety studies for HHC, there is no scientifically documented information available about the cannabinoid’s safety. However, HHC is becoming increasingly popular, and there have been a lot of people who use it on a daily basis already. There are currently no reports of significant negative effects. Preliminary data suggest that HHC has a similar safety profile to THC.

Will HHC cannabinoid fail a drug test?

Whether HHC shows up on drug tests or not is still up for debate, even though a prominent feature used to promote this compound is that it does not show up on standard 12-panel drug tests, There is evidence that this chemical does not convert into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is the most common metabolite of THC drug tests. In a recent article that was recently published by the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) at National Cannabis Industry Association, they propose that “because we’ve converted the THC to HHC, metabolites will differ from the ones derived from THC.” However, this is just a hypothesis that has yet to be verified.

What Are The Best Ways To Use HHC?

HHC Gummies
HHC Vaping with HHC Vape Cartridges
HHC Vaping with HHC Disposable Vape Pens
HHC Flower
HHC Pre-Roll Joints

However, not all HHC products are created equal. Quality matters for safety and your HHC experience. This is why we highly recommend Zen Master HHC products. Zen Master is well-known for it’s extensive research, safety and cutting edge manufacturing processes.  

Zen Master HHC

What Are HHC Gummies in Camp Hill?

HHC gummies are the most popular way to take HHC, because they very tasty, easy to carry and contain a pre-measured amount of HHC, so you can precisely control dosage.

Keep in mind it takes 1 to 2 hours to feel the full effect of HHC gummies, so take it slow (just one gummy) to start with so you get right dosage for you. 

Zen Master HHC Gummies are packed with 12.5mg of HHC, with 4 flavor options including 4 single packs and a variety pack. The single flavor packs have 10 gummies in each unit and the variety pack has 8 gummies of four flavors, which are: Sweet Watermelon, Sweet Blackberry, Sweet Tropical, Sweet Blue Raspberry. 

What Are HHC Vape Carts Camp Hill?

HHC Vape Carts are the next most popular way to consume HHC. Zen Master vape carts not only create immediate effects, they will give you a smooth experience that will knock your socks off with a lasting and unique psychoactive experience.

These vape cartridges are made with stainless steel surgical grade material and tested for heavy metals to ensure the safest possible experience.

Currently Zen Master HHC cartridges are available in 5 strains, including Bubba Kush, Wedding Cake, Cinnamon Toast, Fruit Punch and Blackberry Kush. 

What Are HHC Disposable Vape Pens?

Zen Master Disposable Vape Pens give you the same smooth experience as Zen Master’s vape cartridges but with a battery pre-charged and ready to go.  

When vaping it’s suggested to not exceed more than 7mg (about two puffs) of HHC vape distillate every 4 hours.  Keep in mind, not all HHC vaping products are created equal. Quality matters for safety and your experience. 

This is why we recommend Zen Master HHC disposable vape pens and vape cartridges, because Zen Master is known for it’s safety protocols, deep research and leading edge manufacturing processes. Get your HHC Vape Pens at our local store! 

What Is HHC Flower?

HHC Flower is a new favorite for sativa lovers, providing focus, energy and euphoric effects that will last and even compete with Delta 9 flower experiences.

Zen Master HHC Flower comes in four strains infused with HHC.

These strains are the most popular sativa dominant stains that give you the connection to these popular strains you’ve probably seen before:
Green Crack, Durban Poison, Jack Herer and Strawberry Cough. 

What Are HHC Pre-Roll Joints?

Zen Master HHC pre-roll flower joints come in 4 strains:  1) Durban Poison is a perfect sativa strain that comes out of a South African port city named Durban. This strain is top-rated for energizing effects and leans toward a creative mindset.  2) Jack Herer is a well-known sativa strain that gives users feelings that are blissful, creative and helps keep you focused on the moment. 3) Strawberry cough is a popular sativa strain that gives you a mild fruity flavor and an uplifting, cerebral and energetic experience to get you moving.  And if your feeling out of it or tired, our 4) Green Crack strain will get you going and ready to take on any task.  Stop by our CBD store for HHC Pre-rolls.
Suggested use for Zen Master pre-rolls is no more than 1/3rd of pre-roll every 12 hours.

Looking For The Best HHC Near Me?

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