What is CBG Oil In Camp Hill?

Need More Energy and Focus?

Are you tired or have trouble focusing throughout the day?  

According to research, 58% of Americans said they feel tired, unfocused or disjointed most of the day – and taking a brief nap doesn’t help.  In fact, more than half of respondents said no amount of rest helps them feel focused. 

In today’s high-tech world, with so many distractions and potential causes of stress, it can be very difficult to keep your energy levels up every day. 

This constant bombardment of many types of stressors can push your body out of balance, causing roller coaster effects that eventually wears you down. Not only can this sap your daily energy when you need it the most, it can also negatively affect your work, relationships and enjoyment in life.

What is CBG Oil?

CBG (cannabigerol) is a minor cannabinoid obtained from cannabis and hemp plants. It’s often referred to as the mother of all cannabinoids. This is because all other cannabinoids are derived from cannabigerolic acid (CBGA).

All strains of cannabis produce CBGA early in their lifecycle. Over time, or when exposed to light or heat, these acids transform into cannabinoids, including CBD, THC and a small amount of CBG. Some strains of hemp have been bred to produce higher levels of CBG.

Recent advances and plant breeding techniques allow CBG to be extracted from hemp in larger quantities to get a higher dose of CBG by itself or in combination with other CBD products. CBG is usually dissolved into a carrier oil to create a CBG oil tincture to improve deliverability. CBG oil is also  sprayed or put onto hemp flower to create CBG flower or CBG pre-rolls.

How Does CBG Oil Work?

Like all cannabinoids, CBG nourishes and supports your body’s master regulatory system, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), to restore and maintain balance (homeostasis) between all your body’s major systems, especially your brain, nervous system and immune system.

Our body contains two types of cannabinoid receptors—CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are found in the nervous system and brain, while CB2 receptors are located in the immune system and other areas of the body.

CBG works by binding to both receptors where it’s thought to strengthen the function of anandamide, a neurotransmitter that plays a role in enhancing pleasure and motivation, regulating appetite and sleep, and alleviating pain. Unlike THC, CBG has no psychotropic effects, so it will not give you a high.    

Will CBG Oil Get Me High?

No, it won’t – CBG is not psychoactive. CBG oil can be naturally stimulating, but it’s not intoxicating.

How Will CBG Make Me Feel?

While CBG is not a stimulant, it does give a feeling of energy and focus that is similar to the effects of coffee. Users report being able to focus on one task for longer periods of time, with increased levels of productivity. 

A common use of CBG is as a pick-me-up which has a much more controllable serving size than coffee thanks to the use of a precise dropper. 

Overall, CBG effects are more of an “upper” than a “downer.” CBG can also help your digestive system function properly, as many of the cannabinoid receptors CBG interacts with are located in the digestive system. In addition, many users report mood support from consistent CBG usage.

Can CBG Give Me More Energy?

CBG oil is a great alternative to caffeine and other types of stimulants that don’t work as harmoniously with your body’s regulatory systems as CBG does.

Many people report improved energy and focus when taking CBG oil, while not having the negative side effects of too much caffeine or other stimulants.

Imaging having more energy throughout the day, feeling more balanced and being able to concentrate on the task at hand for longer periods of time. 

If you’re tired of the ups and downs your mind and body goes through when drinking coffee, energy drinks or other stimulants, try our new CBG oil product.

The Best CBG Oil For More Energy and Focus

The Best CBG oil we recommend is a product called CBGo, which is a new high-quality blend of CBG, CBD and three stimulating terpenes. 
CBGo was created by CBD American Shaman’s innovative research team and is powered by its proprietary nanotechnology to improve bioavailability by ten times (10x) compared to regular CBG oil. This process reduces the CBG particle sizes from 4000 nanometers to under 100 nanometers, which allows it to be mixed with water, so it works faster, lasts longer and works better.

CBGo is composed of a unique blend of phytocannabinoids from naturally-grown hemp plants to give you more energy and focus to power through your day – without the negative side effects of caffeine or other stimulants. 

Where To Buy CBG Oil Near Me Camp Hill

If you’re looking for CBG oil in Camp Hill or CBG oil near me, or you want to get a sample of the absolute best CBG oil near Camp Hill – you’ve found us!

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